Episode 61 | The Perpetual War | Crossover with Ilan Abecassis' "Chronicles"

Today, the18th of Farvardin 1399/2479, you are very welcome to meet Dr. Ilan Abecassis from the podcast "the Chronicles" and our patron Ahaz Israeli, and hear us talk about the 5 millennium war between the beer drinkers and the wine drinkers around the Forever-Persian Gulf, recently known as "the Iran-Iraq war"

Episode 60 | Crying Blood with Dr. Ori Goldberg | Post Khomeini Iran (Timeline 4)

Today, the 11th of Farvardin 1399 or 2579, we are delighted and extatic to talk to Dr. Ori Goldberg again, and more or less complete the timeline series, with post-war and post-Khomeini Iran (or: Iran under Khamenei). As usual in this time of Coronavirus outbreak, we recorded thruogh Zoom.

Enriched Iranium | Episode 45 | Language Purism with Dr. Nahid Ghani

Today, the 3rd of Day 2577/1397, you get to listen to my friend and colleague Nahid Ghani and me talking about language purism in Persian. We ended up talking about Hebrew and English as well…

Language purism

For me it was 7:30-9 in the morning, for Nahid in Vancouver is was 21:30-23:00, so I was not awake yet and she was already tired, but I think we managed to do quite well 🙂

Episode 42 | Farashgard opposition movement (Siavash Safavi Part 2)

Today, Azar 12th 2577/1397, we are at last exposed to Siavash Safavi's life and political activity – the opposition movement Farashgard. Those of you who haven't listened yet to Part 1- about human rights in Iran, might want to do it before listening to this episode, but you can also listen after. It breaks nicely.

Farashgard's Facebook cober Iranian opposition

Translation: we're taking Iran back and rebuilding it

Episode 40 | Human Rights in the Islamic Republic – with Siavash Safavi from Farashgard

Today, Aban 28th 1397/2577, we were supposed to have one episode about Farashgard movement, but it was so interesting, we ended up recording more than 2 hours, so here's the first half, dealing mostly with human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

human rights in Iran - siavash safavi

Siavash (bottom row, circled) with the other trairors

You will hear about Siavash's life and political activity, including Farashgard, in episode 42, which is released 2 weeks after the current one (on December 3rd 2018).

Episode 13 | Holly Dagres – the Iranist | Ordibehesht 17th, 2577

We met Holly Dagres, a freelance Iran analyst and curator of The Iranist newsletter (subscribe if you haven't already!) to discuss possible implications of Trump's announcement on May 12th 2018, Telegram blockage in Iran, and some other current affairs issues. And to hear about being an American adolescent in Iran. She cracked us up!

Holly Dagres, Ido Kenan and Thamar E. Gindin, Enriched Iranium 013

Group Selfie by Holly Dagres in Ido's home studio

Episode 6 (mostly English) | Iranian women special | Esfand 15/16, 1396

הפעם ניצלתי את התירוץ של יום האישה כדי לדבר עם חברתי הטובה ד"ר נאהיד ע'ני על נשים באיראן ועל עוד דברים שמעניינים את שתינו. נאהיד היגרה מאיראן לקנדה לפני שבע שנים, היא היום אזרחית קנדית ולא יכולה לחזור לאיראן אפילו לביקור. כלומר, יכולה, אבל הסיכון גדול מדיי. חוץ מזה, ד"ר ע'ני היא מחברת הפרסום היחיד בשפה הפרסית שעוסק בפרסית יהודית קדומה (כך הכרנו), חוקרת איראן, ופעילה פוליטית לפחות במרחב הווירטואלי.

Dr. Nahid Ghani and Dr. Thamar E. Gindin, 2011

Picture from 2011, when we first met.

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