Episode 13 | Holly Dagres – the Iranist | Ordibehesht 17th, 2577

We met Holly Dagres, a freelance Iran analyst and curator of The Iranist newsletter (subscribe if you haven't already!) to discuss possible implications of Trump's announcement on May 12th 2018, Telegram blockage in Iran, and some other current affairs issues. And to hear about being an American adolescent in Iran. She cracked us up!

Holly Dagres, Ido Kenan and Thamar E. Gindin, Enriched Iranium 013

Group Selfie by Holly Dagres in Ido's home studio

פסקה שבטח מעניינת רק אותי אבל סדר חייב להיות:

בד"כ פרקים איזוגיים הם על תרבות והיסטוריה, והפרקים הזוגיים מוקדשים לאקטואליה, אבל הפרק הזה היה חייב לעלות לפני 12 במאי, אז פרקים 14 ו-15 יהיו שני פרקי לא-אקטואליה רצופים, ואז נחזור לשגרה.

We talked about:

Holly's growing up in Tehran, with pink hair and black hejab.

Netanyahu's excellent show (which Holly calls "mediocre TED talk)

Trump threatening to blow the JCPOA (AKA Iran Nuclear Deal)

Telegram being blocked and Rouhani confronting the leadership about it (Hebrew subtitles).

This video is from January and I also shared it on the previous chapter, which was a Hebrew talk with Dr. Raz Zimmt. The following image is from a few days ago:

Rouhani on instagram about telegram

"I don't know why some people don't like cell phones, social networks and informed people. They say "if the people would be uninformed, we would sleep better at night". Ordibehesht 1st, 1397.

Hebrew broadcast from the Islamic Republic (by Hebrew speaking Arabs)

This episode's song:

Holly wanted the song Gol-e Yakh, "ice flower" (Chimonanthus, according to Wikipedia), but the podcast rules say it has to be Kiosk the band. So here's Gol-e Yakh for Holly:

And I picked Kiosk's song "it doesn't rain here, Morteza" from the album Outcome of Negotiations. The album name is closely related to the talk of the day, and I chose the song because it's May 7th and it didn't only rain today in Israel, but we even had hail!

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